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Something original.

Hey, you never said it had to be a Pokemon game. :P Why do they let good ideas like Drill Dozer and Pulseman die? And yes, I realize DD was a bit repetitive at times, but they could've worked on that.

Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight looks really great, like action meets Rhythm Heaven. If I ever get a 3DS, I'm buying that because it looks fun, and to hopefully support more original ideas from Game Freak, because it's not as if they're an incompetent studio.

However, I realize what section of the forum I'm on, and don't want anybody, especially mods, to give me the stink eye for not playing fair.

Uh... if I were still playing Pokemon... Snap 2? But then again, I guess that's what Ranch sort of was. I guess they can adopt one of those pirate games and polish it. I kind of liked the one where you play as Chikorita and Totodile. So a Pokemon platformer seems to be in order.

Clearly, I'm not helping, heh. Oh, but you know what I'd play the crud out of? It wouldn't win me back into the series, but if they made a Pokemon game, any genre, take your pick, where the art direction of the everything was based on the style of Osamu Tezuka, I'd buy it in an instant. The Pokemon must be in this style too. I'm tired of seeing potentially interesting Pokemon games where the humans have different artstyles but the creativity police won't allow the Pokemon to look any different too. I'd prefer it were something like Mystery Dungeon where Pokemon took center stage, unless they're going to write a Tezuka level story utilizing humans to begin with. Actaully, give me a Tezuka level story with just the Pokemon, the humans usually just get in the way (though in this case, I'd trust it to work).

Frankly, I'd buy any game where the Pokemon got a temporary design shift, for art's sake alone. Not so different that you can't identify them, but not so similar to Sugimori's that it's uninspired. Make it happen, Game Freak, and you've got my money.

*PS: Don't "conveniently" leave out the Nidoran family, or I'm keeping my money. |:<

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