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Interesting, she ran through emotions very quickly... Gau found this particular trainer very interesting and had already surmised that he would enjoy her company. He also took note that her eevee had some similar characteristics to both his trainer and to Teddiursa.

She smiled warmly and suggested a cafe in Sandgem and began asking about his food preferences. Gau's blank expression, save for his questioning eyes, did not falter but he was amused at the rapid change of emotion and the relief she was doing a poor job of hiding.
Was he really that awkward?
Teddiursa seemed to guess what he was thinking and chuckled lightly at him... He couldn't help but feel very attached to his new friend.
"Anything but seafood" Gau said, he figured keeping quiet out of courtesy would not benefit the situation. Gau put the dark green pack over his shoulders and placed Teddiursa in the pack also with its head and arms poking out, she was beaming at being treated so well it appeared to Gau. Gau returned to studying Willow and her eevee, they seemed to be watching back, not the intent way he watched them but more with a mild curiosity to his peculiar mannerisms. Gau, continuing to observe his companions behavior, motioned for Willow to lead the way.
"Teddi" chirped Teddiursa.

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