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Kamui Ozora: Level 4
Floor 8 - Dovren

Only 150 cor? Kamui has more then enough to buy that Ice Sword.

Kamui pays the clerk 150 cor & collects his new sword. What an amazing sword he has. He'll be able to freeze his enemies to death. Hopefully he won't fight foes too strong. Just training is fine.

|_Ice Sword

He turned to Fester, Rose & Natsumi. How many quests had he completed? Only two. Sad, right? Let's not dwell on the past right now. He could tell that Natsumi had completed a lot of quests. I mean, look at her. That isn't ordinary attire. Great, now Kamui was blushing. Then again, he always blushes, even now, so it doesn't bother him...much.

"So...where to again...?" he asked Fester & Rose. H had already forgotten where they were gonna train him. Hopefully some place safe- well, safe enough.

Paired for life with Rose Quartz
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