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Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
Oh no! What kind of error was that, that you couldn't fix...?
And, good luck!
The books help with the Beat Up question too, but you may need to check even the ones laying around on the floor. c:
The error occurred when I was battling against Tangrowth. It saved and crashed, then kept doing that. Oddly enough, it was only when I sent out Magikarp, however it was during the previous update. I did finally figure out the question for Beat Up. The reason I couldn't figure it out was because I don't really use Beat Up. I prefer to stick to Psychic/Fire Type Moves. Also, is it possible to get Ralts or Eevee yet?
EDIT: The error occurred again, this time when starting the battle against Aster and Eclipse. It happens when Victoria goes to send out Emboar.
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