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You partner Eevee name: Velumo
Why do you like Eevee?: Well i always liked eevee and thought he was cute. I can remember my very first eevee in Fire Red when I was so happy that its "return" move reached its full happiness animation. Usually whenever a region distributes a free eevee I try decide which form I wanna use it in that specific game. Yea being the evolution pokemon is pretty cool theres a myraid of roles eevee can fill. And even if your not into serious battles like that, the diversity Eevee brings never lets you down. I've used every eeveelution except flareon and I must say that I am fond of them all. I guess more-so Jolteon and Umbreon than the others, idk. By joining this club I hope to, through time affirm which eeveelution I like best and hopefully apreciate eevee a little more.

Current Topic: If you could be any eeveelution for a day which would you be and why?

Just one measly day? Awww. Guess i gotta make it count. I'd be either Umbreon or Espeon I guess. I'm a huge fan of the exploits of telekintic/psychokinetic abillities of dark types. I was thinking of being jolteon but i dont think i'd want to deal with the possibilities of the downsides of being an electric type. Ya know keeping your wattage under control and what not.

Previous Topic: Does anybody ever heard of the theory that explains that the legendary beasts were actually vaporeon, jolteon and flareon before they were ressurected? And what do you think of that?

Umm no I have not heard of that. It would be ok I guess if it were true(I perfer entei, suicune, and raickou for that legend) but it would be really interesting if Vapory, Jolty, and Flarey were the succesors of the legendary beasts.

EDITT: :o oh, I wanna make a story too! ERrr....i'm so late