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Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
I've got most of the tasks covered myself, I'm just having minor setbacks, however, I'm working and researching my way to getting things working as they should. It's slow, but I'll eventually be making enough headway. Now that mapping is possible, my first planned beta will be up to, but not including the events of, Rustboro City.
SO Im guessing this means the first rival battle and the guy sketching his footprints are implemented

I Honestly can not Fudging wait for this hack :D
EDIT: I was Actually Planning on Making my Own Sapphire remake called Pokemon Star Sapphire but seeing as though I Have already been beaten to it my Idea's are now speculating into making a GBA Hack or a DS Hack Which takes place in another region

KEEP UP THE WORK Lovely hack although I Suggest changing the OW Sprite for the Player and I Love the Rival sprite it makes it basically be a New Addition to the Hoenn Series instead of just a straight forward remake (:o Maybe we will see abit of Johto in it somewhere and you get to fight may ) I Could think of so many ideas for a Hack Like this :D Good Luck


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