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I watched something on television about this topic a while back. It was shocking when they went through all these chemicals and additives in our foods that keep them longer-lasting or allow them to be produced the way they are. I can't pick exactly what was what, but I do remember them saying that most foods have chemicals in them that are identifiable by the code letter E (example being E334 etc). Virtually all of these chemicals are actually harmful to us in large doses, but I guess currently they're only doing a whimsical amount of damage (unless you're chowing down on all the bad foods).

I will always have this opinion, and I encourage everyone else, but growing your own vegetables and fruit and making whatever else you can naturally is infinitely better and worth it then constantly buying something that is being processed. I still remember a breakfast I had on a farm a few months back (we were staying there) and the food was unbelievable for something as simple as potato salad, tomatoes, home-made toast and eggs and bacon (from the farm). I love the food we grow, and it really makes me regret all those years spent eating processed food.
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