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Oh I'd take fossil hunter. Kabuto is epic! ok I know exactly what I'm going with. a mostly fossil based team. kabuto as my starter.

and RHCP you didn't add me to the reserved list. WEll I guess that shouldn't matter much now, though I need to know pictures or no for the appearance section?

Real Name: Jason Wolf
Real Age: 17
Real Gender: male

Personality: Jason has always been a bit… “energetic”. With a mild cause of ADHD, you’ll always find Jason unable to sit still, shut up, or keep on topic. Despite pushes from his parents to put this energy into sports, Jason preferred to sit around, and soak up random trivia on the internet and play video games. This combo has led him to be have a wealth of semi-useful information, and a slight addiction to the pokemon franchise, one that goes so far that he has almost memorized the pokedex. Typically he’s not so bad a pretty average guy who you might hang out with thanks to the medication he’s on since it helps him stay in control a bit more. Though if you start a conversation with Jason you’ll run the risk of a never ending debate on what Pokemon should do for the next game, and that argument will not end well. Jason is terribly opinionated, and his temper is as short as a Primeape’s. Despite his pathetically average build, he can be rather threatening. He’s willing to start a fist fight over some of his most dearly held values, like what he‘s willing to do to succeed, his stance on war, and sadly his pokemon games. Those fist fights also got started over his bullying issues, being a nerd never was easy. Over all highly volatile and extremely unpredictable Jason is someone who you’d better be careful around, but the benefits may out weight the costs.

History: Up in a reserved northern Maine community Jason Wolf was brought into this world. Many of teachers wish he hadn’t. Through his early years Jason was notorious for being an uncontrollable wild child. For some reason it took until his late middle school years for them to realize the child had ADHD. By then it was a bit too late though, Jason reputation was set in stone. The small town would always know him as what he was, an incredibly brilliant, but terribly obnoxious and hyper kid. With that as his rep, high school was rather aggravating. He was the easiest target with a couple of emotion and real scars from the idiotic things he did when he wasn’t thinking things through. Climbing the statue in the middle of town in a dare, getting lost in the woods while playing cops and robbers, and catching his neighbor’s cat in an elaborate trap out of boredom are a few examples. Probably the only hobby Jason enjoys that never got him in trouble was fossil hunting. With the high rocky coasts Jason could easily find the preserved remains in the shale. He kept a six piece collection of his best fossils on the shelf over his computer.

Jason thought it’d be the best week of his life when his school closed because it was damaged in a lightning storm, and a new pokemon game was coming out. It would be the perfect escape. Especially with how bad the one of the bullies had gotten. Normally they kept to rude comments and obnoxious jokes, but this guy was pushing it. He had broken into Jason's locker and stole all the books then returned them covered in grafiti, and even more recently had tried to plant fireworks in his locker, but accidently set one off before he finished the job. This week was suposed to be vacation from it all then it became his new torment.

((is it ok that some of the personality section explains his history too since I didn't put those points in the history as well.))

Avatar Name: Jercio Shade
Avatar Age: 17
Avatar Gender: male
Avatar Appearance:

Jason may have spent a bit too long customizing his avatar, and ended up rather unsure what he wanted to make. He originally considered copying red, but realized that was fartoo cliché. Instead Jason designed a rather average character, but one prepared for whatever could come his way. If this game was as immersive as it said then Jason wanted to be ready. Jercio stands right at six foot two inches, and has a fairly average build and weight maybe a little under. His face has sharp features which frame his glaring amber eyes. Jason specially made it so theymade it obvious when Jercio looked at you. Jason added a tiny scar just to the left of the center of Jercio's upper lip to mirror his own. Jercio has rather shaggy brown hair,but he hides it under a dark brown leather fedora.

To match this Jercio wears a leather duster, but it’s adarker grayish brown that Jason spent forever trying to make. Under that Jerciohas two shirts a light gray short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve dark red shirt, for pants he wears black carpenter style jeans, and for footwear he has brown steel toe hiking boots. To keep up the theme of leather Jercio also has a leather belt with a pokeball holster on its right side, and carries a black leather satchel.

Starter Pokémon: Tyrogue, Yohi

Male; Vital Spirit; Hasty; Tackle, Fake Out, Foresight, Helping Hand.

---------------------------(updated team)

Tyrogue, Yohi; Male; Hasty; Vital Spirit; Tackle, Fake Out, Helping Hand, Foresight;

Pidgey, Hurek; Male; Hasty; Keen Eye; Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust;

Spinarak, Witor; Male; Naughty; Sniper; Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face;


Roleplay Sample: (provide a post from another RP you've been in. As recent as possible, but it should still reflect how you are planning to post in this RP. If you really have no sample post, type something up on the spot to show off!)

Wish I had a more recent pokemon one, but I’m between pokemon RP’s. This also may not have been the best as this is a robot, with minimal emotion and personality. If you’d prefer I write one more relatable to Jercio/Jason I’d be happy to.

Relak the Golem

A Machine's will

Relak’s body crashed to the floor smashing the cobbles. Relak glared at the new creature. His magnetic powers still needed a moment to charge up. When they did glowing red arcs of electricity shot out hitting all of his limbs and pulling them towards him. Re-assembled the golem towered over all the others. With a inhuman laugh Relak smashed his fists into the ground cracking the stone floor even more. Another burst of energy flew outward twisting the restraints that had once held him. Relak tore them off the wall and imbued them on his chest to seal the damage from the draining machine. It appeared like a baldrick across his chest.

“Repairs fulfilled. Begin retreat.” Relak bellowed.

He stomped after the beast who had barked an order at him. He was far from subtle in his escape leaving a path of destruction behind him. At least the others could follow him easy. Unlike him trying to follow the wolfos he only barely kept up using his runic eyes to see the energy flowing off of him. Even as he ran Relak was deciding whether or not he should keep following this creature, or if he should just break off. After all Relak had minimal knowledge on these organics.

Also due to the hostile nature of the other nearby life forms the assumption that these organisms could be hostile led Relak to begin sharpening his fists on the walls. Anyone who got in his way would be trampled or just be ripped apart. The golem was on a mission. Survival now and return home later.

All was going well until Relak got cut off by two vile creatures. Their bodies were disfigured masses of flesh and fat, and their repulsive tusked faces looked as though they had been flattened by the impact of massive hammer. They wielded bladed weapons on the end of a staff, but Relak didn’t see them as polearms due to their very crude construction. The blades were jagged and seemed as though they were forged using stones. The creatures prodded Relak with the pathetic weapons, but the shabby craftsmanship led to the tips shattering on Relak’s metal skin.

“Futile attempts. Demonstration of resolve necessary.” Relak roared.

The golem pulled back his right fist and thrust it forwards. Contact was made on the first monster’s neck, and easily cracked the spinal cord. The sharpened edges on Relak’s hands also cut and tore the creature’s throat letting blood spew from its veins. Enraged the other creature increased its attacks, but they were still not enough to cause any real damage. Relak raised both of his fists and slammed them down on the creatures head splitting its skull and spilling it’s small mind. With the monster’s dispatched and his hands covered in their blood Relak tried to find the creature he had been following before.

“Objective lost. Inferring possible routes.” Relak said doing his best to pick up the remaining traces of energy.

((final thing I jsut wanna ask why do some of you guys go out of your way to make these over the top SU's? I'm not talking the content, that you should strive for, but the formating. It feels like a bit much. sure it looks nice, but I don't even know how you do it. It seems a bit odd for a very much text based media.))
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