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Originally Posted by Retribution View Post

Map Name: Cobblestone City

Map Game: Pokemon FireRed

Comments: This is where the first Gym (look to my signature and avatar for the Gym Leader ;D) is. It is one of the first more urban-like cities in my hack, and it is pretty evident. To the north-east is an old, abandoned and apparently rumored-to-be haunted mansion. The Gym Leader likes to visit the mansion and play games with her friends there, being quite young and immature. The city has a refined taste that is hopefully expressed through the map, while still having quite a rocky and natural influence to it, hence the name.

I am planning to add my own tiles at some point, so the old FireRed tiles are mostly just placeholders at the moment.
Rate: 7.5/10

I like the map, it's filled but not on purpose (where people start putting in random stuff to fill up the map).
Very good map !

My map:

Map Name: No name, it's just a sample map I made some days ago.
ROM: Pokemon Fire Red.
Description: Just a sample map, as said before. It's the first map I made in some time, so it could have some errors I didn't see It's meant to be a forest on a mountain.

I know the water is square, just thought of that too....
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