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Aye, good afternoon! Would it be alright for me to reserve a spot, perchance? You see I have the dreaded finals this week, but once I am done with the last I am rid of 'em until the next semester. So, I will not be able to post my SU until those are out of the way. If allowed the chance though I would love to try a shot to get in this very intriguing roleplay.

I would greatly appreciate you letting me know if you have the time. Thank you. (:

Reality Check |*

Real Name: Riley Ellie Devlin
Real Age: Twenty, 20
Real Gender: Female ♀

Personality: Riley isn't the type to shy away from social gatherings and often inserts herself into as many conversations as she can. She prefers to talk more about other things than herself though, and doesn't willingly offer information into her personal life beyond her career. Only good friends should be privy to certain information. Yet she will listen eagerly if other people openly discuss their lives. It's not that she is secretive, but rather wants people to make assumptions about her person without any potential biases. Her mother always told her that she was strong spirited, and so tries her best to live up to that ideal. She won't back down for anything. If she feels strongly about a subject she will fight her hardest for it. This could be taken as stubbornness.

When it comes to rules and regulations, she is known as the ultimate rule breaker. She can't stand the idea of something trying to hold her back or hinder her abilities. She believes in free reign over the things she does and often it leads her into a good deal of trouble. This is mainly due to her strict father who she more or less rebelled against at a young age. She doesn't want anything or anyone to change her, and if rules force her to do it a certain way she takes that as a change. To accompany this odd trait, she is extremely reckless. Riley loves a chance to go head first into the action without thinking twice. Strategy just isn't her forte. She takes things as they come and doesn't look far into the future.

Somehow, she can find fun and adventure in the smallest of things. She can turn a rather dull task into something worthwhile. The lass is quite the optimist. Yet there are the rare times when she is feeling down and can't seem to shake the dark clouds away. Those are the times she relies on others most, but she tries not to let it show to save her pride.

With her strong willed nature, she is also incredibly feisty. She loves a good comeback, and will almost always go for the sarcastic remark. Riley doesn't mean to offend by any means, but sometimes it may come off that way. Along with her reluctance to think ahead, she is oblivious to the way some words she might use will hurt someone until she speaks. However, if she realizes that she was rude or spiteful, she tries her best to make up for it. Riley doesn't apologize often though, so instead she undertakes other means like jokes or pointing out her own flaws.

After taking care of her little siblings for the majority of her childhood, Riley has adapted a maternal instinct where she cares for young ones or underdogs. She will make it her personal goal to make sure they are well looked after and happy. This goes for animals too, and she even has affection for the Pokémon in the games she plays. She doesn't take kindly to those who beat down others purposefully. Someone like take gets put on her radar as a threat. Anyone who needs a friend or isn't strong enough to hold their own she will stand beside them until the very end.

History: Hearing it since birth, Riley could recite the details of how her parents met to the time she was born. Elmer, an American journalist, came to a large village in Ireland as a tourist and looking for a story for his column. There, he met a young barmaid named Moira and took an instant liking to the woman. In a month's time they were married. Eventually her eldest sister Arlene was born, followed shortly after by Riley herself. Then it came the twin girls Sybil and Sierra, and finally their young brother Dallon. It was a full house to say the least. Though Riley was the second oldest, she was the one who mainly cared for the younger children. Her mother was busy with her job as a barmaid while raising livestock, and her father often traveled to find new stories. She loved her siblings dearly, but she was also considered the fun sister, where Arlene was the strict one. Riley wasn't one for enforcing rules or setting standards. They didn't have much to do with electronics and instead took to playing imaginative games, or hide and seek in the numerous crooks and crannies of their rustic home. They lived on a few decent acres and—along with the livestock—owned a couple of horses that Riley adored. She grew up in wealth due to her father's successful writing and mother's farm.

Riley didn't have the strongest relationship with her father. She was the reckless one. The one who knew how to have fun and enjoy life. She got into a lot of trouble as a young child, and her father was always the one to reprimand her. Not to mention he didn't hang around much and when he did he spent most of his time with his wife and young son. She slowly grew away from him and in turn grew closer to her mother. Moira loved the strong spirit in her daughter. Elmer often thought of her love as encouragement to Riley's behavior. Nonetheless, she turned to her mother often for troubles and comfort. She learned life lessons through her mother's experiences and received none of her father's clear headed judgement.

Riley and Arlene often argued over the silliest things, and would make up the next moment. They were the exact opposites of each other. Where one was mature and well rounded, the other was fiery and had a go-with-the-flow type of nature. The three youngest looked up to her though, and she flourished in that fact. She tried to be a role model who taught you to be who you want to be, and live the way you want to. She showed them everything she knew when it came to adventures like sneaking out into the backyard at night or jumping over the river bank.

When she was twelve years old, the family up and moved across the seas to Toronto, Canada, where her father took up an executive job. Riley was disappointed to leave her old house and horses behind, but the thought of living in a whole new country intrigued her. Though it was a little bit of a culture shock, the family grew used to the lifestyle quickly. For awhile things were quiet—or boring as she would describe it—and nothing new or exciting happened. She went to school like a normal child but didn't quite fit in. She wanted an education of course, but she didn't have exemplary grades and didn't strive for them either.

Here, she was also introduced to the Pokémon franchise. Due to her love of animals and taking care of things, she fell in love. She hardly put the game down unless it was deemed immediately important. This was her first true introduction to gaming electronics.

At the age of sixteen, Riley was hired by a model agency. She was tall, tiny, and had the makings of a magazine cover girl. She was never fond of that type of ordeal but she pursued it anyway believing it was what she would be best at. She graduated high school a year later. With the modeling business taking up the majority of her time she opted out of college, much to the despair of her parents. She wasn't cut out to be a scholar. Her parents and siblings moved to American when she was eighteen. She decided to stay in Canada because she loved the country, and she wanted room to grow without the watchful eyes of her family.

Following up on her Pokémon obsession, she jumped immediately onto the release of MAO and landed herself a pre-order before the wave of players rolled in. With her other games, she played diversely when it came to teams. She would fill it with an assortment of dual-types in order to cover all bases when it came down to battling. One of her favorite types though was fire. She loved the art of each of the species and chose a nice little Houndour for her starter. It wasn't the strongest, but she loved the way it looked. Kind of like a dog. And if it was a dog, it would be man's (or woman's) best friend, right? She flirted with that idea before choosing it officially. The Houndour was decidedly a male, to combat her female ways, and called him Bishop. He got his name from the chess piece for no particular reason other then her liking chess. Riley spent a little extra time creating her avatar. She made a list of everything she didn't want, and from that list became creating from what she did. Mickie was born. Someone she could be that was her, but not at the same time. Her true self. After everything was set she jumped into the game and was pleasantly surprised at what she found. It was enormous and beautiful. It was everything she ever wanted in a game. Then the lockdown happened. It was perhaps the most frightful thing she had ever experienced in her life. Yet with new adventures came new challenges, and after talking herself down she looked upon this too as a challenge. She had no set goal in mind, but she was ready to find one and eventually find herself as well.

Virtual Realm |*

Avatar Name: Mickie
Avatar Age: Seventeen, 17
Avatar Gender: Female ♀

Avatar Appearance: When creating her avatar, Riley wanted to make someone who was not perfect. Someone who wasn't made to be a model or designed to be pretty. In all honesty, she tried her hardest for a normal looking, everyday kind of person. No fancy eye color or uniquely colored hair. She wanted to paint an image of the person she felt like on the inside, and so Mickie was born. The avatar got her name from Riley's abnormal obsession with boyish names with a girlish twist and her undying love for a famous little mouse. In addition to this new name, she created a clever username to accompany it: MickMuffin. The age of the avatar was set three years back from her own, all the way to seventeen. That was an age before adulthood. Before responsibilities took place, and before her parents moved away from her. Though Riley had her difficulties with this age, it was time when she could be who she wanted, and no one expected any more than that because she was still a child. Childhood, in its own little way, was the meaning of freedom of expression. She was free to be just plain ol' Riley.

With the basics in place she began designing.

Though fond of her curly red mane, she took a liking to the ash brown look and, after a few bouts of experimentation, stuck with it. Mickie's hair is slightly curled at the ends but mostly falls in a straight sort of way. Kind of like walking out of a shower or getting up in the morning. That lazy sort of style that looks natural. It is cut short in the back, save for two waist length braids, and shoulder length in the front with bangs. It's a little awkward, but works. It is also pretty much hassle free which is a big plus for her. The hair compliments the eyes in a dull sort of fashion, as the eyes are a hazel color. But the touch of green from that hazel make them stand out even in the slightest against cream colored skin.

The avatar stands around 5'3" and rests at a healthy weight. Not too tiny, and has enough meat on the bones for a nice winter. Riley paid attention in making sure Mickie had an athletic physique so that she can get around easily and have enough stamina for long journeys. Yet there aren't really any visible muscles unless flexed. The apparel is the epitome of comfortable travel attire. Well, sort of. It was also chosen for the stylish features. Mickie wears a white knee-length skirt with teal blue stripes and circles fitted in a pattern and a teal sleeveless turtleneck shirt, sprinkled with white powder looking spots across the chest. A salmon pink ribbon acts as a belt to the skirt while adding some color. Underneath the skirt, for safety reasons, she wears pastel striped leggings that reach down to touch brown slip on shoes. Finally, she wears arm warmers that are the same teal blue color with the pastel stripes adorning the top ends, and to hold her hair in place rests a teal bandana sprinkled like her shirt. To hold items and miscellaneous trinkets, she wears a large gray messenger bag with plenty of pockets in and outside with plenty room for her stuff. The strap lays mostly across her chest and hangs at her left side, but when she gets annoyed with the contraption she bundles it up in her arms.

There are times where she will add a jacket to her outfit, ditch the skirt, add a scarf, but this is her average look throughout her journey.

Starter Pokémon:

[ Bishop ]
Gender: Male // Nature: Naïve // Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset: Ember, Smog, Bite, Roar
Roleplay Sample: (Introduction from a Medieval Royalty RP)

". . . Shiva?" a voice whispered, just barely audible over the distant sounds of the palace.

The dark skinned woman stopped in her attempts to brush the Prince's wild blonde mane. "What is it, child?" She placed a gentle hand upon the boy's shoulder, gazing at him with worried amber eyes.

"Do you think they hate us?" he asked carefully, "For . . . for what Father did?"

Prince Luca knew well what his father, the King of Moria, did so few years ago. He heard many stories; either from his father or from the palace servants. Some called the King a brutal and selfish barbarian. Others whispered questions of his sanity. The day his father made the decision to betray the High Kingdom of Arrowpoint, their worlds went into chaos. When finally peace was found once again, a deal was made. Luca's sister was to be betrothed to the High King's eldest son, and become the future queen of Arrowpoint. From that moment on it changed everything. It changed the people of their kingdom, it changed the lifestyle within the palace walls, and overall it changed the royal family.

He didn't want to believe his father was a terrible man, but obscure evidence dared to prove him otherwise. If the rest of the world saw his father as cruel, then why should they perceive his children any different?

"That was in the past," Shiva said sternly. Her grip tightened on his shoulder. "It had nothing to do with you or your brother and sister. Even if they haven't learned yet to forgive a broken man they have no right to condemn his children for his actions."

Though her words spoke truth, he found it hard to lay his worries to rest. The only comfort he found was sitting in this secluded room as he readied to set off for the north. Yet even now he felt as crowded as ever. Luca turned and gave her a small smile. He appreciated her help even if he received no resolve. Shiva was neither his birth mother nor caretaker, but she upheld a certain connection with the royal children. The young prince more so, for he was more open and willing to allow her into their lives. The other two children showed slight animosity towards her, but he understood their reasoning. Shiva was the King's mistress. They saw her as nothing more than a woman who was trying to take the place of the King's deceased wife. He saw her as a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold.

With a sigh, Luca raised his head and looked out the window of the palace. He would not ruin this for his family. He shouldn't be worried about his own feelings. Today and the rest of the seven day cycle was about his sister. This peaceful agreement means everything. His silly concerns and feelings are to take no place in it.

The Prince got up from his chair and walked to the tall mirror propped against the wall. The reflection that stared back was almost unrecognizable. He had pale skin, unlike the exotic dark skinned Shiva. His normal attire -- not suitable for an occasion as such -- was replaced by an adorning suit. He was clean from head to toe with crimson, white, and gold made into a handsome outfit. The one thing that looked the same was the mess of curly blond hair atop his head. All battles to tame it were lost, and the only thing to be done for it was a mere pat down. He brushed stray strands out of his face, and pale green eyes rose to meet him in the mirror.

He heard Shiva heave a small sigh. "No longer a boy, but a man."

Luca's expression was full of disagreement but he decided against voicing that opinion. Sixteen and still his face showed the innocence of a child. "It doesn't matter how I look. This is all for my sister," he said with a shrug.

The young prince departed the room after finishing up, thanking Shiva as she followed behind. In the main hallways of the castle servants bustled about in a frenzy. Outside men tended to the horses, fastening supplies to their saddles. Inside the women helped the royal family prepare for the journey before them. There was a lot to do before they left. Aside from Luca, there was his brother Alexander and his sister Calista. They too -- along with the King -- needed to be prepared for their audience with the High Royal Family. It has been a hectic day since morning broke, to say the least.

From across the way, Luca could faintly hear his sister in her own room.

Since the wake of dawn her lips have talked of nothing but the High Prince. Her fears of not being good enough, or her excitement to marry someone so noble. She mused over what he looked like and how he acted, her biggest concern was if he was a gentleman or not. He had been knowledgeable enough to keep a distance away. He felt guilty thinking of the maidens at her side, having to listen to her chatter all day long.

Luca loved his sister, but Calista has been different since the past few days.

He could see that the Princess was dressed in a deep crimson gown, laced with white. She was a beautiful girl with blonde hair like his, draped down her shoulders in a silk sheet of gold. She had hazel eyes, blushing round cheeks, and a face full of glee. She hadn't quite grown into her form yet, but the fifteen year old was a mature young woman nonetheless. She seemed a suitable bride for the High Prince.

This was what they were all preparing for. The Princess and the High Prince were to meet at last, even though they had been intended for each other for some years. It was for the sake of peace. However, Luca saw not how this arrangement made up for the actions of his father.

"There you are!" Alexander called from the down the hall as he approached his brother. "I have been looking for you."

"I was getting ready," Luca offered simply.

It was part of the truth. However, for the most part he just wanted an escape from it all. His room was the only place of solitude and so he kept himself in there most of the day, until Shiva came to help him get suited .

"Father has told me to inform you that we are almost ready to travel." Alexander thought something was off with his brother, but he felt like it was something that should be left alone for now.

The oldest Prince at eighteen was built stronger than Luca, and he had sandy hair pulled into a tail behind his head and a firm face. He looked most like their father, King Helios. He was to ascend the Moria throne, and Calista was to be the High Queen of Arrowpoint. Luca had no true place in the world yet.

"Alright," Luca replied, and made way for the entrance.

In an hour they left for Arrowpoint. It was a long, tiresome ride on the worn dirt roads. They left when the sun was just above the horizon and arrived when it was getting ready to dip back down. At last the walls of Arrowpoint rose in the distance. The kingdom was very large, with finely built structures and smooth brick walkways. The blue colors of the kingdom were dressed across the kingdom. They wove their way through the streets to reach the looming castle ahead.

Instantly Luca could feel tension build in the air as they arrived. He could see the nervous dash of his Father's eyes from side to side, and for a moment he felt a little scared. As if someone was to ambush them at any minute. Calista though seemed unfazed. She walked with the posture of a lady and never missed a beat. He wondered how she must feel at the moment. Yet his questions didn't linger long and they dismounted from their horses. King Helios took Lady Shiva in his arms as they walked into the walls of the palace, Calista following closely behind, with Alexander and Luca filing in last.

Luca could see the High Royal Family lined by the throne. He felt his breath catch in his throat as his father stepped forward and bowed before the family.

"Your highness," Helios said as he addressed the High King.


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