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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
1. I don't plan to use the BW overworld style. The way the graphics are for the 4th gen, they'd look too tall.
2. I plan to incorporate a TV network into the region, so I may have a new location. That's been an idea floating in my head for a month or so.
3. I may do that, but if I did, I'd have to start off in Platinum, as coding Battle Frontier events is very difficult.
4. Yes, I just need someone to do graphics for me.
5. If I'm able to change the Pokedex order, I may, otherwise I'll just start with the National Dex and offer only Hoenn Pokemon until the Pokemon League is finished.
1. I Agree there
2. Sounds awesome
3. I Would actually recomend hacking Platinum since Diamond and Pearl are far far slower in fps than Platinum I think DP are 30fps whereas Platinum I think is a Bit Higher so if it were me I would hack Platinum
4. Can't you like just rip the graphics from HGSS Those looks cool enough
5. Rearranging the Sinnoh Dex is a good Idea but leave the National Dex as it is
Sounds epic

EDIT: I Now support this Hack Good Luck Team Fail Hope your a Team Sucsess

EDIT2: Will the Pokemon have Valid data so that we can use them in online battles at such and won't be classed as hacked pokemon?
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