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I dislike that children are taught the beginning of America so...strangely. Of course, they're children and you shouldn't give the gorey details, but you should at least give some straight truth. In my history classes in college, I learned Columbus was a pretty sick man and I'm embarrassed I had to play him in a small play in 5th grade. Silly I know, but still, they should at least let kids know he's not really someone to look up to. And that he didn't discover America...

I can't think of any events being undermined though, however I do dislike some history books and classes denying major historical events like the Holocaust, slavery in America, and the mass move of Japanese Americans to concentration camps after the Pearl Harbor attacks. That is not okay. How can we grow if we don't recognize the bad things from the past? If we brainwash people into thinking these things didn't happen, what if we end up with a society that is conditioned to think it never did and it happens again? Maybe I'm thinking too far out, but I think I made my point.

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