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How much are these worth:

Legendary collection
Gengar shiny 80hp 11/110

houndoom G lv. 45 90hp 50/127

Rising Rivals
Flareon shiny lv. 38 80hp 19/111

Ex team rocket returns
Dark marowak 70hp 7/109

Rising rivals
Quagsire GL lv. 34 90hp 76/117

Ninjask shiny card lv. 42 80hp

bottom of ho-oh legend card 112/123

Legends awakened
Probopass shiny lv. 46 90hp 13/146

Mysterious treasures
ursaring shiny lv. 38 100hp 38/123

bastiodon lv. 56 130hp 20/127

Dpt-p promos
A mismagius that says rampardos GL lv. 63 90hp 11/111

vigoroth shiny lv. 28 80hp 64/127

Black and white
samurott shiny 140hp 31/114

supreme victors
shiny garchomp lv. 71 650hp 5/147

secreat wonders
shiny electivire lv. 50 100hp 25/132

Rising rivals
shiny card whiscash elite four lv. 50 80hp 54/111

Rising rivals
Yanmega elite four lv. 49 37/111

Rising rivals
starmie lv. 44 shiny 50/111

Ex ruby and sapphire
breloom 70hp 16/109

HGSS Unleashed
Steelix 120hp 24/95

There will be more but just these for now
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