Thread: Diamond hack: Pokémon Aqua Sapphire
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Originally Posted by shubshub View Post
1. I Agree there
2. Sounds awesome
3. I Would actually recomend hacking Platinum since Diamond and Pearl are far far slower in fps than Platinum I think DP are 30fps whereas Platinum I think is a Bit Higher so if it were me I would hack Platinum
4. Can't you like just rip the graphics from HGSS Those looks cool enough
5. Rearranging the Sinnoh Dex is a good Idea but leave the National Dex as it is
Sounds epic

EDIT: I Now support this Hack Good Luck Team Fail Hope your a Team Sucsess :P

EDIT2: Will the Pokemon have Valid data so that we can use them in online battles at such and won't be classed as hacked pokemon?
I'm pretty sure both games run at the same FPS, so it's mostly engine enhancements that we're looking at.

And I don't really have all the graphics I want from HGSS. For example, I don't have a Prof. Rowan sprite.

As well, I don't plan to change any Pokemon stat data, however, locations in which they are obtained may classify them as "hacked". I'd use AS Pokemon with caution.