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Nerf this!

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Planted a flock enemy on James!

Also guys, if you need something for your character to do (whether it'd be training, or something like that) let me know (via OOC, PM or VM) and I'll be sure to throw you a random flock enemy. Alongside, Roy (hiding at one of the forest trees) and Link (at mountain range) are the two optional bosses available to battle against. I kinda want to wait for our two new players (Delupuff and OrangeNess) to post before the Mandatory Boss Battle, so it'll take a while.

In the meantime, I'm glad to announce that the Mandatory Boss Battle is coming up this next week! IC Post 2 will be posted either Wednesday or Thursday. All information including boss profile will be posted on that post which includes special rules and other stuff. Be sure your character heads up to the southwestern part of the mountain ranges (refer to the circled "1" on the map). Your character will notice that something big will happen because the weather will be from Sunny to Stormy in an instant.

This is a boss where I'll have to separate you all into groups of 5, since this is a 3-in-1 boss. I dropped that hint in the first post xD

tl;dr roleplay's finally moving on yaaay :D

EDIT: well dayum Shiny ninja'd me. xD Welp, I can still take options xD

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