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Originally Posted by Cilerba View Post
Fear not! I am not dead... just unmotivated I guess.

I honestly have not done much ever since that last 'update'. Then I got to some thinking (oh no max why were you thinking). Would you guys prefer a lack of updates with the current style of graphics, or FRLG style graphics (don't worry it won't be totally default. I'll throw in some beauty) with updates more often and maybe actually a demo (not promising anything but I'm sure it will come sooner than a Gen 4 graphics demo would)
Maaacks. Go with generation three. Do not stay with four if you believe the project will benefit from three and you're more comfortable with it. This is your game, not anyone else's. I've seen what you can do with the third generation, and without a question you'll be able to make a beautiful game.

And let's be very honest here...the entire concept of a game being restricted by 'generation' is kind of really dumb. (Unless you're actually dealing with generation two or something).
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