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So, there's a good chance I'm going to Solo Challenge hell...

-Cleared Route 204
-Reached Floaroma Town
-Defeated Team Galactic
-Challenged Commander Mars
-Lost several times against Commander Mars
-Grinded to Lvl 20 and evolved Roronoa into Kirlia
-I hate Purugly so much...
-S-Mod Luke gave me a Dawn Stone
-Roranoa Evolved into Gallade
-Cleared Route 205
-Cleared Eterna Forest
-Challenged Eterna City Gym
-Defeated Gardenia


Lvl 26, Jolly
-Swords Dance
-Double Team

I was going to wait until I got Dawn Stone in game, but it would have required an un-godly amount if grinding and over leveling to beat that Purugly, trust me. This is a better solution.
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