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I didn't know about the glitch when I was a kid but I bought one for $5 from a friend that got it from an event. Both of us knew the Missingno/Duplication glitch but that was the extent of our glitch knowledge. I actually have a legit Mew from an event on my Platinum, moving it to Black 2 soon. I never reset my Red because it has a complete Pokedex. I also have no way to complete that Dex again so I won't be resetting it.

I really like Mew and think it's very underrated. It can learn ANY move and can Transform like Ditto. You send out Mew when battling a buddy and they never know what it can do. On a side note regarding why I like it outside of gameplay, Ditto comes from Mew and Ditto is my favorite Pokemon.
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