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Amy's Neighborhood Ruins


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Chapter One:
Neighborhood Ruins

Part Seven

Amy... Shrunk back in her seat. She knew where the conversation was going, and she didn't like it. Blaine had noticed the confusion in the eyes of his guests, excluding Amy. "Allow me to explain this further. There once was a man named Sigmund. A genius. An inventor. A father. A Husband. He had the perfect life, a family, and a dream. And his dream came true. See, you have /him/ to thank for this world you live in. He and I both worked alongside a group of the world's top scientists, and we successfully separated Pokemon from People! No longer could humanity abuse the creatures that worked so hard for them!" Blaine's voice had risen to a sadistic laugh, and his two boys joined in with light chuckles. I, and my boys, came to this time to see the result of our progress. As it turns out, Pokemon are now nothing more than spirits! Which means they can't be abused by humans anymore! I personally like the outcome, but it isn't enough."

Blaine stood, motioning for the others to follow him. There was only one other room in this underground home, and that's where they were headed. He stopped and gestured at the boys, "Go... Find us something to eat, okay?" The boys both groaned but did as they were told, exiting the basement. "I do, however, know how to make sure it /is/ enough."

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