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Now I made some progress. Evolved two Pokemon, leveled up some more, beat Clay, and I just got my next party member. Going to stop here for a while. Hooray for trying new update style? lol

Player: Preschooler Allison
Game: White
Badges: 5

Halcyon / Pidgeotto (f) lv. 32 @ Eviolite
Fly, Quick Attack, Tackle, Sand-Attack

Orion / Sandslash (m) lv. 32 @ Scope Lens
Dig, Thief, Crush Claw, Rollout

Loraine / Roserade (f) lv. 33 @ Miracle Seed
Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, Sludgebomb, Giga Drain

Malkin / Cacnturne (f) lv. 32 @ Big Root
Absorb, DynamicPunch, Leech Seed, Faint Attack

Austere / Gabite (f) lv. 32 @ Charcoal
Earthquake, Flamethrower, Dual Chop, Strength

Klunky / Klink lv. 25 @ Exp Share
Charge, Thundershock, Gear Grind, Bind

btw guys, the rules says "no legendaries" so you don't have to put that in your restrictions, as it's already not allowed.
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