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「 Cid's Graphics Gallery 」
Welcome to my first-ever thread here at Art & Design!

- First off, hey there! Thanks for taking the time to look at my art thread. I'm really inexperienced at making tags and icons, so don't expect masterpieces, okay? Whenever I feel like it, I just churn out some decent-looking ones. At least I think they look decent. But yeah, that's where you come in! I'd like to know what you think about them, and perhaps help me improve, too. Maybe give me constructive criticism and great points to improve on, if you can. Do that, and I will forever be thankful.
- I don't really have all of the icons or tags I've made, because most of them were left in our old computer that went out of business ages ago. So yeah, that means this will only be a glimpse of what I've created, and from fleeting intervals, too. Please hover your cursor over the icon/tag to check its estimated date of creation. Oh by the way, if it isn't obvious, I like Kingdom Hearts, so most of the stuff here are from that franchise. In hindsight, I suppose making this thread would motivate me to continue making stuff, so I guess it's good that I finally got these out here. Keep checking back for more stuff that I do, which will hopefully show signs of improvement.
- Before I forget, please do not steal. Just don't. If you really want to use an icon or a tag of mine (I highly doubt it), please ask for my permission first. And give credit where credit is due.



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