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Now, about these resolutions... I know some people use PC on their phones. I do at times.
And usually, the resolutions there just aren't that great (what I have can't exactly be called a smartphone, let's put it that way), which, as a result, means most profiles look absolute crap on it. Does this mean we should have to make our profiles look good on phones, too? I sure hope not, because that would not only be a pain in the neck, but also be greatly damaging to our artistic vision and the tools given to us by PC.
I can code fluid web design. I know how to make a website presentable on any device, pretty much no matter the resolution. Web coding wise, it's actually pretty easy if you put your mind into it. But PC doesn't allow that. PC profiles follow a certain set of restrictions, and how you use these IS the contest. The point of the contest is seeing how creative we can be with the restrictions and tools given to us. Asking us to make sure the profile works on any resolution massively reduces what we can do. Fitting websites to all resolutions is a web developers job, yes, but shouldn't be required from profile makers on PC. Because the way profiles work on this site makes that virtually impossible if you want to make something elaborate out of it.

Personally, I think you should be able to provide screenshots for those who can't see the profiles properly. Because they're still made solely with the tools provided to us. We have to use vBulletin Default when we view profiles for a reason. It's to make sure everyone sees the profiles in the "right" way, without styles getting in the way. Why should resolutions get to?

If someone felt like not voting for someone because the profile doesn't look optimal on their resolution, that's up to them.
But that means I could really just log onto my phone and deem every profile inadequate because it doesn't look right on that device.

I know much of this is practically what Derodero said, but they're damn good points IMO.

Pokey out, will vote ASAP!
These profiles all look awesome, by the way! <3

EDIT: voted.