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Originally Posted by DaleH771 View Post
My Rate:

My Map
Map Name: Some Region...
Hack of: Firered
Credits: Me for mapping, Ray Maverick for this intense tileset.
- Note I am aware of some Tile errors, I just cant be bothered to fix them..
In terms of the mountainous area it's spot on, you haven't sacrificed playability and the distribution of everything flows very well. I really like how you've got all the different paths (bridges, staircases, patches of grass). The only thing I can really pick up on is the very bland area coming away from the farm to the right, the way you've aligned the trees and the completely diagonal grass patch there really weakens the feel of the map. The other thing I've noticed is the lack of the dark water tiles in the sea, it really makes it plan and ruins that bottom area of the map. Also, you should definitely chuck in some of the gray rocks in the ocean because it makes it feel much more natural, not to mention that that part of the ocean is extremely wide open? There needs to be something restricting the players and giving them a sense of direction. Other then that though, it is a very, very good map. Well done.

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