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Hi Pokecommunity!
My name is UtopiaRay and I am a new member here and I will like to present my Hack Pokemon PurpleRose!

You play as a boy named Marvin who moves to the region of Emilia,Marvin starts out in Petal Village a new trainer who didn't know that much about Pokemon.He meets new friends in Petal Village, Anthony who lives in Kanto but came over to Emilia for more training and Arielle who lives in the neighborhood. Marvin, who likes a TV Show called Cardfight Vanguard is exited to see the stars of the show travelling to Emilia. Marvin is now eager to see these guys and challenge them. During this time an evil threat called the Red Nova's started taking over Emilia's Capital Cites, they were rumored to be the strongest Pokemon trainers in the world, and they plan to take over the Region of Emilia and claim it as their own! Emilia Police tried their best to take down the Red Nova's but they failed. Marvin along with the help of his friends they will set out on one of the hardest Journeys in Pokemon History.


Project Marnian Region Tileset : By WesleyFG
Old Tiles And New Tileset: By Kyledove
Koder Complication Tileset: By Koder
Tilesets From W.A.H: Peyi,Javs,Zein,Cope
FR-DP Text Patch - diegoisawesome
Animation Code - altariaking
Main Character Sprite - Me
Nintendo: Sprites
Day and Night System: By Mastermind X
Tool Makers (Without them this hack wouldn't be possible!)

None YET

Anyone who is willing to team up with me and help me in this hack is accepted! This is the first time I ever posted a hack and I really want some help on this to make his hack really "strong", For people who like to play this Rom Hack! It's greatly appreciated!
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