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Originally Posted by ~RNC~ View Post
I would like to request a few emblems I think I qualify for and they are:
Requisite: Given to those who seem to be on PC all the time. (Or at ridiculous hours for their timezone. :P)
Reason: I'm on til at least 4am my time

Emblem: Level Up!
Requisite: ...not be a n00b anymore.

Emblem: Helping Hand
Requisite: Given to people who often answers questions and help people out in any way.
Reason, I check the QTT out every time there is a pop up to see if I can help out
Sorry but they're not request-able - we can't make an exception for just one otherwise others will ask too. :( You're going to have to hope somebody notices you, instead! You can request the pairing, supporter and veteran (and birthday) emblems, though.
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