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Even though everyone loved the World Torny I didn't I just didn't ever go near it (apart from the forced storyline). Something about it just seemed wrong to me!

The gym leaders In BW2 were just sloppy, boring and so easy to beat!

Cheren - should of been the last gym, he was strong in BW then he has all weak pokemon.

Roxie - last gym in the anime, she should have been the 7th gym, her pokemon had some massive potential and failed hard.

Burgh - he was useless in BW so why they kept him in I will never know!

Elesa - Changed 1 pokemon and was still easy to beat, No challenge from gym leaders anymore!

and the list continues but I will not bored you with that,
Just to conclude, the gym leaders are getting sloppy and boring now, I know they are supposed to be 1 type only, but for me pokemon needs to change this and add in multi type gyms, not for all of them but for like the last 2, to make it harder and apply more skill.
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