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I've never named boxes up until Generation Five. In White I have um, I have a box of my "Valuables", iirc (of any legendaries, starters, Deerling and my first critical capture ever), and then a box named after Ole for the mons he traded before he left so that they could be ~stored~. In Black 2, I have however taken this to a new level!! I have "Viable" for anything with some sort of helpful nature/not competitively useless/31 IV in something helpful (so stuff like Modest 23 sPA / 30 Spd Drizzle Politoed, or 31 Attack with Brave suited to Curse Regirock, or Hasty 30 Attack IV iirc and something okay for Speed Techniloom, and then there's Crustle with Adamant/Sturdy/31 Attack IV and good Speed, or the other way around idr, and there's ~more~ all caught by capture and SRing :3). There's also a 31 IV box for things helpful for breeding, then a Natures box for natures that are helpful to the Pokemon in particular and idr what else other than those really.

But still, gen 5 ~pushing my boundaries~ and naming boxes, totally badass.
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