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Okay, I will start the Soul Silver thing again!

Name:LMFAO. Word up.
Game: Soul Silver.
# of pokemon: 6.
Restrcitions: Pokemon can be from any Generation! No same typing. No pokemon I have already used in challenges these include:
Machamp, Camerupt,
Chimecho, Gorebyss,
Lapras, Mantine,
Golduck, Magnemite,
Golem, Charizard,
Wheezing, Dewgong,
Flygon, Lickitung,
Miltank, Shuckle,
Banette, Manectric,
Flareon, Poliwrath,
Kingdra, Luvdisc,
Blaziken, Aggron,
Swalot and Abol.