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N, as a character probably isn't really that special. In essence, he's a child that was manipulated and turned into a tool and exploited by his father. He's got his ideals and his talking-to-pokemon gimmick, but to be honest, he's a fairly poor trainer and a rather broken human being after it's all done and finished.

However, he does a good job of adding more depth to the storyline, and does represent what Team Plasma was originally supposed to - the liberation and freedom of Pokemon. Because of N, you do sort of start to think that this particular villainous organization may actually have had a good point, if not for all the painfully obvious and exaggerated hypocracy of the other members of the organization. Until Ghetsis turns around with his strangely under-levelled Hydriegon and starts letting all the **** hang loose.

Then there's the whole "ERMAGERD, N IS A SEXYBOY" thing. Yeah, sure, it's cute enough at first. Still kind of a creeper though, in a man-child way.
I mean, good lord, he's got to be at least 6 years older than the players character (I picture about 18-19), and he's basically like "ERHERHER, CHILD YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE. COME WITH ME ON THE FERRIS WHEEL WHERE NO-ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM".
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