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They must have a huge north pole.
Anyway, I look at the map and I have to say Unova probably is isolated. Wasn't it only recently settled or something? I think I heard something like that somewhere. Even then, the present regions none fit into that map, which makes me wonder whether all of them are on the other side of the globe or whether I can't see them. I can't see more regions near it unless they are newly settled like Unova was (providing that part I assumed is correct). If it were so, I'd be happy, because it wouldn't have to be big but a real frontier, with a real 'wild' area near the actual region where strong pokemon could attack you out of the blue, and you might find legends in random areas. Oh, that actualy sounds like the regions already xD but I think you guys understand what I mean. It would have to have a limit, but it would be truly trainer vs. wild or something, with you having to stock up on a lot of potions and revives, and the farther you get the stronger the pokemon get etc.
Yep, awesome.
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