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Hello and welcome to the Bleach fan club, SummerSushi.
How do you follow the series; manga, anime subs, anime dubs?

Manga 521
Ya know, I've been liking the manga ever since it started on this Royal Guard saga.
The Quinzi Invasion saga really pissed me off and made me ask wtf a lot.
The current saga so far has had good pacing, interesting characters, good humor, and some nice teases of future events.
If the the rest of the arc is going to be more like the current saga, plot structure wise, then I think Kubo might actually end the series well.

Well, now we know why former Captain Kirio Hikifune is known as the Ruler of Grain.
I wonder how Sanji from One Piece could compare to her cooking. xD
It was funny and neat how she changes form after cooking. ;p
Anyone else notice that Kirio wears Crocs?

So former Captain Flava Flav created the sword form of zanpakutos?
I'm guessing that Ichgio and Renji might go through some special form of Jinzen in the next palace.
It might be wear they will "re-forge" their zanpakuto to make them strong again.
Too bad Ikkaku isn't there with them, if that's what they'll do.