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Updating my hunts after obtaining Sawsbuck.

First, I have the Jhoto starters. I am hoping the most for Totodile, but I will accept Chickorita. I just do not want Cyndaquil, considering I've already got three of those and none of the others. (~1000 Pokemon Seen)

Second, is Route 3 in Black. I REALLY want Blitzle, nothing really else. However, if I do get something else, it cannot be a female Pidove. I've gotten one of those, and do not want another. (2700 RE's)

On the side, we have Squirtle and Turtwig. I am hatching Squirtle eggs while doing Route 3 encounters, pretty much on the side. Turtwig, for now, is just when I get bored with the others. (Squirtle - ~700 Eggs / Turtwig - 156 SR's)

Mudkip is put on hold. Sapphire's battery has died, and Ruby is sure to follow. I will be replacing the batteries soon, and get Mudkip soon after (hopefully). (5100 SR's)

Anyways, good luck on everyone's current hunts! And congratulations on recently obtained shinies!!
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