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Just checking in for an update. Went over to gamestop tonight after I got off work and picked up Platinum so I could have another game to hunt in besides Soul Silver. Right now my current hunt for shiny Dratini in SS stands at 1521 SRs, and tonight I'll begin a new hunt for a Sinnoh starter in Platinum. I've been trying to decide which one to hunt for a while now, but I made up my mind and my new target will be shiny Piplup. I was gonna do Chimchar at first because of the nature versatility, but I picked Piplup because I want a water starter, and I already came up with a good nickname for it. After I'm finished eating I'll begin the new hunt on Platinum and I'll be alternating between hunts since I only have one DS. Hopefully I get lucky and Dratini and Piplup shine soon!

Congrats to the new shinies: Azurill, Chimchar, Sawsbuck and Frillish. Shouts out to NightofRemorse, SP5Number3, and Miloticfan54! I noticed there are a couple Treecko hunts going on, I plan on hunting that myself later in SS so good luck on the Treeckos! And good luck to all other hunts! ***


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