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Nah, I got really caught up in band camp then school started and I ignored it and I guess everyone else did too. Our Latios bot even left! Sad, I know.

#tradecorner is great though! RNGing is totally fun btw. It's not as hard as you may think. :) And I'm sure they don't think you're weird. They're weird. :P Just be like "i'm one of syd's little swablu" and they'll be like "AWWW OKAY HI" and there ya go!

Hate to advertise this over and over, but if you guys haven't done so already, please go vote in the MOTY Challenge and GPGD categories, and represent the Challenge forum in the main MOTY ballot in Other Voting Polls! :) but seriously the gpgd category has like 4 ballots please vote so i have something to count lmao

i'm leaving this i don't even care
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