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Playing two games at the same time gets both complicated and very tedious unless I make sure one game is slightly ahead of the other but here's some more updates on what I've been up to...

Black 2, Road to 100%
-After winning against Burgh, I spent forever in the Desert Resort looking for a Trapinch but, to no avail
-I left Desert Resort without catching anything I didn't already have (I ran into a Sigilyph but Flaaffy KO'd it)
-Got to Join Avanue and got everything started there by inviting my White 2 character, Janine, who opened up a Deli. Unfortunately, that Janus (however you spell his name) guy, had already opened one I couldn't decline. Oh well, I'll get rid of him in due time
-Went straight through Nimbasa and onto Route 5 where I did some extra training and caught:

-Finished up my training on Route 16 and went on to sweep Elesa with Eevee (Work Up + Eviolite = Win!)
-Got Zorua from Team Plasma but I won't be using it for now
-Had to level my team up a few levels before battling Clay which led to Flaaffy evolving into Ampharos
-Had a hard time with clay despite having two Pokemon with the type advantage over his but I beat him
-Psyduck evolved into Golsuck after the battle
-Dominated the Driftveil Tournament, and went to the Relic Path and caught:

-And now I'm on Route 7 on my way to Chargestone Cave

White 2 Road to 100%
-Started things off by beating Burgh pretty easily with Magby (and Dewott to take down Dwebble)
-In the Desert Resort, unlike in Black 2, I actually caught a but, just like in Black 2, I had no luck finding Trapinch
-Invited my Black 2 character, Jeice, to Join Avenue where he is a barber
-Took Buneary to Jeice's Barbershop place and after leveling up one more time it evolved into Lopunny
-Got to Route 5 and caught the same Pokemon as in Black 2 except I caught a rather than a Gothita
-Had another sweep of Elesa, this time using just Lopunny
-After battling Charles on Route 16, Magby evolved into Magmar
-On Route 7, Elekid evolved into Electabuzz
-I actually lost to Clay the first time around (Excadrill Hax) but Dewott got the better of him the second time around
-Dominated the Driftveil Tournament...again
-Right now I'm in Chargestone Cave
EDIT: Forgot to mention, I caught Volcorona,Boldore and Gurdurr in this game too

Black 2: Pokedex-67/649 ~ Medals-31/255 ~ Trainer Card-Blue

White 2: Pokedex-65/649 ~ Medals-27/255 ~Trainer Card: Blue