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Misty Fanclub, *~Shiny & Tough~ (Steel-Type Fan Club)*, The Haunted House- the Ghost Type Fanclub!, We got the (earth) power! [Ground type club], ❆Welcome to the Gym, Time to Test Your Might❆ (Gym Leaders' Club) and :>Soaring High!<: Bird Pokemon Club! all closed due to exceeding a month inactivity.

New rule!

Upon reaching 30 days without posts, a club will now be left open and is available to be remade or the original thread can be revived depending on your preference. However after 3 months without posts, a club is considered dead and will be subject to the thread revival rule. Please ensure to only revive threads if the owner is still active on the forum; if you're unsure whether or not a thread can be revived then don't hesitate to contact a Pokémon Clubs moderator. :)

Only applies after this post; sorry to the clubs above. :)