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Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
Hey come on now. If you want to use something different ask for something different. I wasn't quite sure why you were starting a new challenge so that's why I said what I said. Also, if you get like one Pokemon that you've already used before in a playthrough would it kill ya to use it? I undertand if you've used next to all of them but there's the "The Ones That Got Away" challenge for using Pokemon you haven't been able to use. And I'm sorry if you feel I'm getting "hopped up" about it, I'm just trying to explain the rules I'm not getting angry or anything.
The reason i said I would start again is because it slipped my mind about putting in the restrictions about not using pokemon previously used, the idea of the challenge is to use random pokemon i understand but if you have already cleared a game with a certain pokemon you shouldn't have to use it again, because you've proven you can use it. I know this is just a random pokemon challenge and if a pokemon comes up twice then you should by the rules have to use it, but this makes the challenges seem boring to me.. What I normally try to do with the challenges is do a Dex region challenge then a national dex challenge but It seems boring if i have to use same pokemon for the challenges..

Having a list of pokemon you have already used and saying "I can not use these because I have used them already" will actually help make the challenges harder and more fun.

On a more on topic note.
I have cancelled my second emerald challenge because I have little to none proof of achieving anything as most of video clips have corrupted!.

However you can follow my Black challenge, I am in the final lengths of beating the elite four for the first time You can find 90% of the gyms and the first elite four battle here: