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Originally Posted by enohp View Post
There is a growing trend for developers on mobile devices to emulate (borderline clone) more popular franchises. I've seen sonic, mario, and even call of duty clones all on mobile devices. Pokemon is no exception. I was doing some google searches for pokemon games on android and I found a game called EvoCreo . I also found another game called Minimon. On iOS I found a game called MinoMonsters. I'm sure there's more but its clear that these games are all knocking off of pokemon.

I think MinoMonsters looks the best by far and I'd say that EvoCreo has the closest pokemon "experience", although if someone wanted to play pokemon they would just play pokemon. So I'm curious to hear how the rest of you feel about this phenomenon. Is the competition good for pokemon? Is this a fad that will just fizzle away?

Granted evoCreo is similar to Pokemon it is in it's own rights a completely different game.

If you are talking about complete rip offs of pokemon then Minimon would be the one for me, You will always get people who try to rip off games but most of the time they fail miserably.
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