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Chapter 1

Rin was at the river with her sister once again. The two girls were trying to catch some fish for dinner. Ever since the attack that killed their parents about four years ago, Rin hadn't spoken a single word. Sakura had even forgotten what she had done that day. The only thing her sister remembered was grabbing Rin and carrying her away from the burning down village. Nothing else seemed to register at all.

Ever since then the girls had went from village to village, traveling around. They couldn't stay in one place for too long. Sakura who was only twelve years old at the time, had to grow up earlier then what she should have, so she could care for Rin. She now felt responsible for her younger sister's well being. It was like she was a mother now, with how much she had to care for the child, even though she wasn't.

Sakura was now sixteen years old and Rin, eight years old. Rin actually still had that little doll that she had always carried around with her everywhere she went. It was somewhat damaged from the attack but still in tack somewhat. There was a tiny rip in one of its arms and a few burnt places along its belly. But Rin still kept it anyway. It was damaged but she liked it because it was a gift from her dead parents.

After the attack it had taken Rin about a year to completely trust her sister, again. Sakura had to prove to Rin how much she cared about her and earn the child's trust back. But eventually she did earn it back. Now the sisters were as close as they've been before their parents had died. But Rin still refused to speak though. And Sakura was starting to get very worried. It had been four years, and Rin still wouldn't talk to her. The only thing Rin did that was somewhat like talking was when she was hurt or sick and she cried.

Rin had even given up on trying to learn how to use a bow and arrow. Ever since she lost her parents Rin would never even touch a bow or any weapon at all. It was like she was too scared to. But Sakura was still using a bow though, fighting off demons wherever they went. Although she never took Rin with her when she'd do her priestess duties. She figured it would be too stressful on the child.

Also, ever since four years ago, Sakura hadn't touched her sword at all. It was like she was scared to use it. Like it had something to do with what had happened four years ago. Even though it didn't. Sakura still felt that way though. However, instead of throwing the sword out, she still kept it anyway, as it was a gift from her parents. So, like Rin with her doll, Sakura treasured this sword, just because it was given to her by her parents who had died. She always kept the sword strapped to her side, in its sheath.

Sakura was starting a fire, while Rin was at the river catching the fish, so they could cook the fish and eat them. They would also save the bones from the fish to use to make tools and other equipment they've need, as well. Right now Sakura was carving a few sticks with a knife, to sharpen them for the fish, so they could be poked into the fish and grilled next to the fire.

The girls were unable to collect fire wood though. So they had to go though the woods gathering up as much sticks and pine needles as they could and use that. Sakura also knew how to make a fire by hitting two rocks together. It was a trick she'd learnt from her parents a long time ago.

Rin then came up to her sister tapping her from behind on the shoulder. Sakura jumped, startled to death. She turned around,"Oh! Rin, it's just you."

Rin gave her a,'I'm sorry for startling you,' look. She handed her a basket, that Sakura had actually made herself from the tree bark from trees. It was filled with six fish, flopping around in the basket, trying to get out.

Sakura smiled,"Wow! That's way more then enough. Great job Rin. You've always been very good at catching fish." Her sister closed her eyes, smiling happily at her sister. Sakura took just a few fish out of the basket, sticking the sticks though them, sitting them standing straight up in the dirt beside the fire, to cook. Then using her priestess powers, froze the other fish in the basket and took the basket storing the fish inside their little cave they lived in.

This place the girls lived in, was actually very close to town. The people there hated the girls as well. Like all of the other villages they tried, this one wouldn't accept them either. Like the others they had heard about what had happened in the girls home village and wouldn't let them in. A lot of people thought that Sakura was crazy in the head and didn't want her in the village. There were a lot of bad rumors floating around that Sakura killed her whole family and had kidnapped Rin from her's. It was a mean crude joke, that pissed Sakura off whenever she heard it. She knew it wasn't true but it still made her angry to hear it.

There were also a few times Sakura and Rin had to sneak and steal things from the village. There were tools that Sakura actually didn't know how to make, so the girls had to steal them from the village as they had no money. Sakura didn't feel it was right to charge people to help them with their problems after all. She felt it was her duty to help people, not her job, though she didn't get many people seeking her help anymore.

She then went back out to the fire where the fish was done. Rin had gathered a few cups and a bowl of water, while Sakura was in the cave. The woman sit next to her younger sister, next to the fire and took the fish off the fire, sprinkling them with some seasonings, she had came up with herself, after DE-skinning and cutting the fishes' heads and tails off, and sticking them back onto the sticks. She handed one of them to Rin, who smiled and started eating. Her smile was her way of thanking Sakura for the food.

Sakura poured her water into the cup,"Rin, later on there is somewhere I must go. I know I've been leaving you alone a lot, but you'll be OK won't you?"

Rin smiled at her sister and nodded her head up and down, meaning she was telling her,'Yes, I'll be OK.'

Sakura sighed as she continued eating, her fish. Like her mother, Sakura was also a pretty good cook as well. Rin totally adored Sakura's cooking. It reminded her of her mother's home cooking. Well, Sakura had actually learnt how to cook from their mother after all. Which was probably the reason why her cooking was like her mother's.

Of course fish wasn't the only thing Sakura was good at cooking. Sometimes Sakura would go out into the woods hunting, using her bow and arrows, bringing back very nice things to eat. Like the time Sakura actually killed a huge bear with an arrow and brought the animal back, carrying it on her back, like it weighed nothing, which impressed Rin greatly.

Sakura was very strong, after all. The two had eaten on bear meat all week long as there was a lot of it for just the two of them. They also used the bear's fur to make blankets and clothes, while its bones were used for making tools. Sakura didn't believe in only using some of the animal when you killed it. She didn't like the idea of killing these poor creatures, so when she did, to make up for killing the beast, she'd make sure to make use of every part of it.

After the girls were done eating, they cleaned up, washing all the dishes, putting out the fire and putting the dishes up after they were cleaned. They then went down to the lake to bathe,"Tag!" Sakura giggled splashing Rin with water, after the two girls were both naked and in the water, bathing. Their clothes were sitting on the shore. Sakura giggled as Rin chased her throwing up water trying to get her sister back.

Rin ended up catching up to Sakura, splashing her in the face, as she laughed,"Oh ya, take that." Sakura splashed Rin some more. The two kept on splashing each other back having a fun time, throwing water on each other,"I know!" Sakura giggled,"Let's play Mar..." She stopped before she could finish what she was saying, realizing Rin couldn't play Marco Polo. The game required talking, which Rin couldn't do, any longer.

Rin, knowing what her sister had been about to say, stopped splashing water at once, looking kinda disappointed,"I'm sorry Rin. I shouldn't of said that," Sakura sighed. Rin just turned away from Sakura, walking a few feet away from her, and started washing herself. Sakura hung her head in defeat. She had really goofed up big time with that suggestion. They both then finished their bath, and got out, getting dressed.

Rin, didn't pay any attention to Sakura all afternoon and pretty soon it was time for Sakura to leave for her mission,"Rin, I'm leaving now. I may be gone for quite awhile yet. But I'll be back in a few days," Sakura told her. Rin just sighed, showing she was listening. Sakura frowned and turned, leaving Rin alone in the cave by herself.

Rin just laid there a few hours until she heard something far off that sounded like an explosion,'What was that?' She thought, getting up out of bed. And being the curious child that she is, Rin just had to go check it out. It was late in the evening now. The sun was just beginning to set making the sky look an orange color.

Rin walked farther and farther into the woods until what do her very eyes see but a person laying down on the ground injured. Rin came up to get a closer look at the man. But just as she walked out into the clearing, he suddenly woke up, his eyes turning red, turned and growled at her. Rin gasped, backing up a bit in fear realizing this was a demon.

But, he didn't seem like he wanted to harm her in any way. Plus he looked like he was injured and needed her help. So taking the risk, Rin gulped somewhat and stepped out, up to the demon showing no fear on her face. This demon was pretty good looking, from what Rin could tell. He was a dog demon, and took on the appearance of a human. He had long silver hair, golden eyes, red lines on his cheeks and a purple crescent moon on his forehead.

The demon, was wearing what appeared to be a kimono of very high status,'He must be of royal blood,' Rin thought, as she also noticed he had a white Mokomoko on his shoulder, that was real long and furry, also fluffy.

Unknown to Rin, this demon was known as Sesshomaru. He was the lord of the western lands. He had just had a fierce battle with his half brother Inuyasha, who was a half demon. Inuyasha was half demon and half human. Inuyasha also wielded the Tetsusaiga, a sword that was passed on to him from their father, Lord Inutaisho.

Sesshomaru had wanted the Tetsusaiga for himself, but his father only passed onto him a sword known as Tenseiga, which to Sesshomaru was very weak. It was a sword of healing and couldn't cut anything at all. Although, when he had fought Inuyasha just now, he was sure that he should of died when the power from Tetsusaiga hit him. But he did not. He couldn't get what had happened. It was like, the moment he was hit, he was teleported elsewhere.

He then looked over, noticing then he wasn't alone. He growled again at the little girl. But she didn't leave. In fact she leaned down to sit down in front of him, on her knees, her arms in her lap, holding a weird looking doll in her hands,"Girl, what do you want of me?" Sesshomaru asked her, not really paying much attention to the doll she was holding. The thing didn't interest him in the least.

Rin just blinked up at him, smiling at him,"What's the matter? Cat demon got your tongue? Speak up when I talk to you. You can talk can you not?" Sesshomaru questioned her. Rin shook her head, no she couldn't speak,"Oh, so you can not speak then. Another question, child. I am a demon you know. Why aren't you scared of me?"

Rin just smiled at him again. She got up then and ran off into the trees,'Where is she going?' Sesshomaru thought. He leaned back and closed his eyes to rest. It would take him awhile to recover his wounds before he could leave from this spot. Right now he was stuck here, too injured to move at all.

Rin, ran back to the cave and got a jug of water, pouring it in a container, for the demon. She then hurried back to the demon. When Rin got back, she noticed he was sleeping. She had also brought the first aid kit with her, noticing he was injured. She sat the water next to him. The sun had already sat an hour ago, so it was dark out. Rin went to care for Sesshomaru's wound,"I don't need your help," Sesshomaru mumbled with his eyes closed, as he felt Rin touching him.

Rin kinda backed away a bit, and went into the bushes, and came back out, sitting a few mushrooms on a leaf, beside the water, then she turned to walk off, when Sesshomaru interrupted her,"Your generosity is wasted on me. I don't eat human food." Rin just turned around giving Sesshomaru a weird look, as the girl walked back over to him, sitting down on the ground next to his side where his shoulder was bleeding though his clothes, opening the first aid kit, taking a few things out,"I told you, I don't need your help. Now go, leave me."

That was the wrong thing to say. Rin looked hurt by his words. She looked Sesshomaru, in the face, as a few tears started coming out of her eyes, at the harshness of what he just said to her. After all, she was only trying to help him. She couldn't understand why he wouldn't let her bandage up his wound,'What's wrong? All I wanted to do was help,' Rin thought, with a sob.

Sesshomaru sighed, giving in after seeing the child's tears,"Fine, just be careful." He couldn't believe he was allowing this to happen. He was actually going to let this human touch him, and perform first aid on him. He didn't really need it, he figured. He'd actually be healed in a few days time and could leave this place anyway. But if he really didn't need it, then what harm could Rin possibly do, to make it any worse? She was just a human after all.

Sesshomaru kinda slumped down a bit lower, so Rin could reach the wound. His Mokomoko then slid off of his shoulders. Rin, gently pulled down, his yukata, where the wound was at, inspecting it,'That's a very deep injury. He's lucky to still be alive,' Rin thought. She pulled out some wet wipes and begun cleaning the wound of the blood. Then she took out a long bandage wrap, and wrapped it around his wound. The bandage covered, Sesshomaru's whole shoulder. After she was done, she pushed his yukata back up, gathered up her things, waved to Sesshomaru and turned, heading for home.


The next morning Rin got up bright and early, an idea striking her thoughts,'Maybe he eats animal food,' she thought,'He is a dog demon after all.' She sneaked into the village. For some odd reason, the lake had ran dry, so she needed to catch fish elsewhere. She sneaked into the preserve, and over to the water trying to sneak and steal some fish, for Sesshomaru, thinking maybe he'd eat that. A voice of a man startled her,"Stealing fish from the preserve, huh Rin."

Rin turned around and gasped, seeing a few villagers walk up to her,'Oh no!' She thought. She turned to run away, but she was cornered and couldn't get away.

"Too late to be sorry now. You do the crime, you're going to be punished for it," said one of the men. They all grabbed at Rin, hitting her, beating her with sticks. Rin eventually managed to struggle free. She fell a few times injuring her leg and her right eye. She then limped away, weakly as the villagers just stood there watching her leave.

"What a freaky child," said a villager, watching Rin stumble away.

"Did you know she was actually kidnapped by Sakura, taken away from her mother and father, when she was only four years old," someone whispered.

"Really?" Said another.

"Yup, that's the rumor anyway. Sakura went mad killing everyone in her village, expect for Rin. She then kidnapped the child," said the other villager.

Rin ignored the talk and looks she was given from the villagers as she walked off. She found some special grasses that are actually good for eating. Deciding that was the best she could do, she picked it and took it to Sesshomaru, thinking maybe he'd eat it. She walked over to him, seeing he was already awake. She sat the weeds on a leaf, and tried handing them to him,"No thanks," Sesshomaru told her.

'Oh come on! Please take it,' Rin thought to herself. She got closer trying once again to hand it to him.

"I said I don't need anything from you!" Sesshomaru was starting to get angry at this human child contently bothering him. Didn't she have somewhere else she could be, besides pestering him all the time? But just then as he looked Rin over, he noticed,"How did you get those bruises? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

'He does care!' Rin thought. And even with one eye sealed shut, her face broke out into a huge happy smile. She then giggled happily.

Sesshomaru got pissed off again, at seeing that,"What are you smiling about!? I was only asking. I don't care or anything. I'm just curious, that's all."

'He's lying,' Rin thought to herself, as she smiled at him again, showing she was missing a tooth. Rin then checked Sesshomaru's wound and gasped. It was almost fully healed. There wasn't even anymore blood. There was just a huge scar there. She was shocked by this. Normally a wound that deep would take months to heal this much. But Sesshomaru had healed this much within one night.

"Are you surprised? I told you I didn't need your help. I'm a demon. I heal faster then a human. To a demon, a wound like this is nothing. Now, be gone with you! I will be leaving within a few hours," said Sesshomaru. Rin sighed as she got up, walking away. She looked back at Sesshomaru one more time before vanishing into the trees. Yes, he would be fine now. And keeping to his word, a few hours later, Sesshomaru got up, grabbing his Mokomoko and left.


While elsewhere,"Lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken called out from Sesshomaru's two headed trusty beast, Ah-Un,"Lord Sesshomaru! Where are you!?" He looked towards the ground below as he continued calling out,"Please answer! Please answer me!"

A thought then struck him,"Is it possible that Lord Sesshomaru was cut down in battle when he went to fight Inuyasha? Speaking of cut down, why should I care if he was cut down or not! He used me as a guinea pig in his sword experiment! And hit me with the Tenseiga to see if it would cut me though or not! He said he was testing the sword, but I'm sure he was just teasing me!"

Jaken pulled on Ah-Un's reins and as he started heading down into a field of flowers he said,"He wouldn't of struck me if there was any doubt that I would be revived." Ah-Un, then landed onto the ground. Jaken got off and the beast laid down to take a nap. Jaken picked a daisy and sit next to Ah-Un starting to pick the petals as he mumbled out loud,"He was testing....he was teasing....he was testing....he was teasing....he was testing....he was teasing." Then suddenly he was down to only one petal and gulped in fear,"He was testing....HE WAS TESTING!"

Jaken then got angry as he jumped up onto Ah-Un's back yelling,"Lord Sesshomaru, would you have really risked my life to test your sword! You ungrateful dog!" Just then a rock came flying up, hitting Jaken in the back of the head, making him fall off, of Ah-Un's back. Jaken yelled as he fell off, waking up Ah-Un who looked around in wonder, of what just happened.

Jaken then jumped up, back onto Ah-Un, getting onto the beast's head, spotting Sesshomaru walking up. He guessed it was him, who threw the rock just now,"Lord Sesshomaru, before I continue in your service, were you actually testing your sword on me!?"

Sesshomaru sighed in respond,"I expected a warm welcome from you, Jaken. Not an interrogation."

Jaken turned pale at that as he laughed a bit,"Oh right! I'm glad you're well. I thought you might be dead."

Sesshomaru picked up another rock throwing it at Jaken again, once again hitting the poor toad demon, in the head making him once again fall off of Ah-Un. Sesshomaru was about to go over and kick Jaken, when a familiar scent assaulted his nose,'Blood, and the smell of wolves,' he thought to himself. He then gasped,"I recognize this blood."

Jaken got up,"Y...You do!" Sesshomaru turned as he started walking away from Jaken,"Milord! Wait for me!" He yelled following after Sesshomaru's retreating form, leaving Ah-Un there, where the beast just fell back to sleep. The two came upon, Rin laying down on the ground, where she was dead,"Uh oh! She's a goner that's for sure. She must of been attacked by wolves." Jaken walked up to Rin, looking her over,"Look at the teeth marks. Do you recognize this pathetic human?"

Sesshomaru didn't answer Jaken, just stood there as a flash of Rin smiling and giggling at him with one tooth missing, entered his mind. Just then he felt Tenseiga pulsing at his side. All too curious, Sesshomaru pulled it out,"Sire, what are you doing!?" Jaken gasped.

Sesshomaru, ignored Jaken as he held out the Tenseiga and started mumbling to himself out loud,"Interesting," he said, as some weird underworld beasts appeared around Rin's body. They were wrapping chains around her body, getting ready to drag her away to the afterlife,"I can see them. They are from the underworld."

" can?" Jaken questioned, confused by what Sesshomaru was saying. He looked and didn't see anything at all.

Suddenly Sesshomaru mumbled,"I'll do another test. I'll use the Tenseiga."

Jaken gasped,"Another test! What are you doing sire? What are you doing!" He watched as Sesshomaru swung his sword down onto Rin's dead form, killing the creatures from the underworld.

Sesshomaru then leaned down, as he pulled Rin into his one arm, and waited to see what would happen next. Both him and Jaken gasped in shock, as Rin moaned and opened her eyes,"Y..You saved me!" The girl gasped, actually talking, tears in her eyes.

'She's spoken!' Sesshomaru gasped in his head.

Jaken was shocked,"She's come back to life!" As he said that, Rin wiggled free out of Sesshomaru's arm. Her injuries she had gotten before she died was also all healed up. It was like she'd never gotten a single scratch on her. She grasped her doll in her hand by its arm as she stood there,"Lord Sesshomaru, you resurrected this human girl, with the power of the Tenseiga?"

Sesshomaru sighed, ignoring Jaken,"What is your name?" He asked the kid.

"Rin," said the girl, gripping her doll, in her hand,"I have an older sister, Sakura who's at the next town. you take me to her?" She gripped her doll, as she gave off a hopeful look. Sesshomaru sighed as he just nodded, his head, agreeing to Rin's request. He then got up and started walking away.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" Jaken questioned,"Lord Sesshomaru, saving a human child is surprising enough. But more importantly, didn't Lord Sesshomaru just say he was going to test the power of Tenseiga once again? T..T...That means I was cut down with no guarantee for survival! And to think, I devoted myself to you all these years!"

As Jaken started mumbling wondering how Sesshomaru could do that to him, Rin gripping her doll by one arm, ran ahead of him, following after Sesshomaru, catching up to him and walking beside him,"I just don't understand it!" Jaken kept sobbing. Then he noticed he was being left behind again,"Wait Lord Sesshomaru, I'm coming!" Jaken gasped following after Rin and Sesshomaru.

'Tenseiga, you compelled me to save a human life today,' Sesshomaru thought, as he looked down at Rin, walking beside him. She grinned up at him giggling again. The tooth that had been missing before was back in her mouth,'And now I must take her to her sister. It's too dangerous to leave her here. Why I'm even bothering, I don't know. But I will find out.' The group of three walked on as Sesshomaru thought this.


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