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Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
I'm just the opposite. I don't like that it gets HJK - I see that as a move for fast, fragile fighters like Mienshao, which is exactly the opposite of Scrafty, while CC seems a move meant for low-down, nasty, get-right-in-your-face-no-matter-what brawlers, which is exactly what Scrafty seems meant to be. Granted though, CC would just make it that much tougher. I actually think that the perfect fighting move for Scrafty is Low Kick, which is undoubtedly why that's its level 1 attack. Just a shame that it's not competitively useful, since it fits its personality, and design, perfectly.

I mention this every time I see a thread like this - I think that Ferrothorn should learn Taunt, just because I can't think of another pokemon anywhere in any of the dexes who would be more likely to say, "C'mon! Stop futzing around with those status moves and HIT ME!"

How about Lilligant getting Aurora Beam? At first thought, it seems sort of weird for a Grass type (other than Abomasnow) to get an Ice move, but I sort of like the concept for Lilligant. It somehow fits with the man-eating southern belle persona I've ended up presuming for her - when appropriate, instead of seducing them with her dances and powders or tripping them up with her grass knot, she'd unleash her icy glare. It'd still leave some holes in her coverage (steel and fire, specifically), but it'd help, and I just sort of like the concept. It'd be something different.
Still, it needs kicking moves because its selling point is its legs and pants really, which is what HJK is for. I don't think it's really that... evil, which is what CC implies. While it does have a dark typing it's more of neutrally evil and doesn't really care if it hits you, while still tries anyway - which is what HJK does.

Ya I agree. But it's still kind of too slow to be useful in many cases and most wouldn't opt for Taunt really.

ooo that'd be nice, mainly because I just like the move itself. :3
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