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Ultimate: Uhh yeah may as well since I've done it on Pokemon Blue

Pokemon Blue (Mono Yellow)

Update 1-
1-STarted on Storm Silver, Picked Cyndaquil named him Abtok (Wow Friend)
2-Went and got Eevee, stored it away
3-Battled Rival, Silver and won
4-Got Pokegear and poke'balls
5-Captured Wurmple named him Xavi, it went to Silcoon and then Beautifly luckily
6-Reached Violet City
7-Walked onto Route below violet City, trained a ibt and captured Mareep named, HGChamp
8-Sprout Tower Completed where HGChamp and Abtok Evolved
9-Defated Falkner took a few trys but got it done eventually

Team after Falkner

Abtok the Quilava (M)
Level 16

HGChamp the Flaafy (M)
Level 20

Xavi the Beautifly (M)
Level 15

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