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Kamui Ozora: Level 4
Floor 8 - Dovren

There he, Fester, goes again with the whole NPC thing. Kamui decided against speaking up about it. No point in speaking against the hero, plus the fact that Kamui is shy about talking, as usual. When everyone was outside, Fester ran to the teleporter using speed. No way... Kamui was amazed that Fester had the speed skill, just like him. What else could he do? I already have the sword, & my shield is still pretty good. Why think about equipment right now?

Rose warns Kamui & Natsumi about the sand worms on floor 4, & to stay close to her when they arrive, specifically Kamui. Kamui nodded, knowing how much he still needed protection. Floor 4, Dysthaven, was a floor recommended to players of level 6-12. Kamui was level 4. He was having trouble thinking this through. Was it such a good idea? Would he survive?

Nobody survives in this game when your health depletes to 0.

This time, Kamui has help & protection if he gets into any trouble. Fester, Rose, Natsumi. They'll protect Kamui while he trains. Maybe then he can fend for himself. He would still want company, without the talking.

Kamui decided best not to show off his own speed skill, & just walked to the teleporter. He answered which destination he wanted to go, which would be Dysthaven. When he arrived, the first thing-or rather, person-he encountered was Fester, before looking at the rest of the place. Pretty sandy place if you asked me-er, Kamui. Didn't Rose say Fester was afraid of sand?

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