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Originally Posted by roseraderocks View Post
name:roseraderocks (call me rose)
fave 2 pokemon: oshawott and mudkip
reasons: i use the water type every time i start my ds games and i lik both oshawott and mudkip 1. they're both super cute
2. they have beastly stats and movesets
3. they have the ability to use many types of moves mostly ice
in my opinion water types are beasts
Originally Posted by 27thColt View Post
Topic:Are there any current Water type Pokemon you'd see likely to gain a new stage in their line in the future generations? If not, are there any you'd like to get one? New stage counts for both pre-evolutions and evolutions.


2 Partner Pokemon:Muchacho the Empoleon and BlueRanger the Samurott
Why do you want to swim with us?Well,it goes a long time ago in 2006.My first game was Pokemon Pearl and I was looking at the three starter pokemon.I chose Piplup randomly.We had a long history.I chose Piplup in Pokemon Platinum.I chose Totodile in SoulSilver.I chose Samurott in White and in Black 2.Ever since,I had been liking water-types ever since.Also,I like water types in stats and moves.Surf are really good damage dealers.They have very even base stats overall.Water Spout is a good move with 150 power.Rock/Ground are my favorite combination with water because of the electricity immunity.When I wanted to join a club,I found this.
Current Topic Answer:Well,I feel good with all water-type but some REALLY need evolutions.Many water pokemon still have potential to be great or greater!Maybe a better evolution for Bibarel and Gyarados.An Octillery evolution could be useful.A Wailord evolution will make Skitty nervous.What I really want is an evolution for Tentacruel will really make Thunderbolt a walk in the park.Also,I'd like to get a Slowking for a Sp.Attacker and Kingdra.
Welcome guys!

@27thColt i wonder wat kinda beasts wailord and tentacruel wud evolve into xD

@raoserade rocks, your right, what does have the attributes of one of the better monotypes