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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
Anyone who thinks kids can't be mean-spirited like that is naive. Kids are far from innocent angels; even I, as a super timid person now, hit as a kid until I realized that I couldn't get away with it.
This, basically. It boggles my mind that people see kids as adorable little angels. They're not. They're sociopaths whose emotional centers haven't developed yet. Empathy is one of the last emotions we develop. Many kids are completely self-centered well into their teens.

Anyone who works with kids for more than an hour should be aware of how awful some of them can be. And the thing is, they don't even know what they're doing is bad a lot of the time. So yeah, in a sense, they're innocent. They do horrible things without knowing why they're horrible (that's not to say they don't know they're wrong, just not why). That's part of what the parents' job is: teach them right and wrong and keep them in line until they develop enough where they don't need it anymore.
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