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Ragnaros 'Bloodthirster' Phylax

Great. Now that whack-o of an old wreckage will be following us, too. He was sure of it. Bloodthirster was in fact afraid that the old man would fall apart with a simple stream of air he'd shoot if he sneezed. Seriously doubting his usefulness here... I thought psychics got really powerful as they got older, like Genevieve. But this duff... it's no use complaining to myself. I'll just ignore... the weak...

He was flying above the clouds as his daily exercise. It felt nice, as a break, but nothing was too good when you were the Gold Tribe. When you were the Gold Tribe, you had to attend to meetings and stuff, not to mention travel together with your brothers and sisters, and not alone, high above the ground. His face transformed into a scary mask when he frowned greatly at his thoughts. He dove downwards, feeling the cold air whip the tight skin of his face and body and watching the ground coming closer and closer. His eyes caught the familiar flash of a certain Pokemon as the sun fell on it: Vigil. He landed flat next to him with a sound that was muffled from the grass. The presence of a psychic other than Hanso drew his attention: a Ninetails, one that had mentioned the name Sainan, or so he had heard. Sainan. Sainan was the first name of Calamity, right? Brave fella, quite foolish for that last act of his. If he'd just let me destroy that pathetic Sentinel on a rampage, everything would be better now... Hanso arrived and handed a letter to Vigil, who started reading it. Meanwhile, the Ninetails had begun speaking again.

"To answer your question, Vigil, I am unsure. I must deliver the news of his death to my family, but they are a long journey away from here. My other brother, however, may be heading in this direction as we speak, but that I am also unsure of. For now, I will remain here in Albia and see if I cannot establish a telepathic connection with him and his group of fighters. If I can, then . . . ," her eyes met his for a moment as she glanced around at all the Tribe members that were gathered. "Then maybe I will take up travel with you, if doing so would be convenient for both parties."

Aaand this must be Sainan's sister. Oh, this is rich. Let's see how people act when they pursue revenge... humph. Symbolism and honor, I acknowledge their importance in the actions of Pokemon, but this... And this Ninetails... she wants to warn her people. Why? I don't understand.

"Just come with us already," Bloodthirster said bluntly, without putting much thought into his words. "I'd say what we're doing here is more important than warning your family... no offense."

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