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For myself, it is an endless tie between Final Fantasy IX, Chrono Trigger & Radiant Historia.

Final Fantasy IX: This game is simply glorious. Character development, atmosphere, plotline, & the finale. It all speaks of a glorious ends to the PSX lifecycle (yet it holds up even today).

Chrono Trigger: This games soundtrack alone is enough to sell it. Particularly "Memories of Green"; but the characters, plot & Zeal all make it amazing! (Yes, Zeal is that wondrous of a period in the game).

Radiant Historia: It is difficult to explain why this game is so fantastic, without giving a large # of spoilers. However, it's soundtrack, plotline & gameplay mechanics are perfect. If you make a mistake in your choices, or in your battles; it is solely your fault, not the games.

Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
Final Fantasy IX, with no comparison.

That game is absolutely amazing. It involves some of the best compositions by Nobuo Uematsu, clear character development throughout the game, and I especially like the story.

Sure, there are other very good RPG games out there too but FFIX is my personal favourite. I'd recommend it for anybody who would like to see something different in a game.
I agree with you, in every sense of the word.
The few who appreciate Final Fantasy IX are becoming fewer & fewer over these last few years.
It's wonderful to see that there are some of us here. :D
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