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Hello, y'all, as I'm back onto doing GM updates, I thought about giving you a small present I think you're all gonna enjoy. No, it's not Kesha's new CD, silly! It something far better! And no, it's not an Adele CD...

Just a note, I'm typing this from a tablet, and since I found it completely time wasteful to do... Anything in this thing, I won't be using any images until I get the chance to use an actual computer again. Anyways. Oh, look! A swarm, it's Christmass! Well, not really, since the RP began a couple of months ago and were still in the first In-Game week of the RP So, yeah, it's Christmass in October :D Why? Simple, a huge swarm of winter-esque Pokes has been flooding the entire region, well... Kind of.

What makes this swarm so peculiar is that whenever any of these exotic Pokemon are around, you'll notice the prescience of snow, yup, that white and cute lil thing that falls from the skies every now and then. Sadly, this snow will cease falling after the Pokemon is either defeated, catched, or just runs away. And eventually, said snow that had felt will melt.

As for these Pokemon that swarmed the region, they're listed below:

Seel (By The Lakes And Bodies of Water) - Very Common (90%)
Smoochum - Rare (20%)
Delibird - Very Rare (10%)
Spheal (Same As Seel) - Common (80%)
Swinub - Uncommon (50%)
Sneasel - Rare (20%)
Snorunt - Very Rare (10%)
Snover - Uncommon (50%)
Cryogonal - Very Rare (10%)
Vanillite - Very Common (90%)
Deerling (Winter Forme) - Uncommon (50%)
Cubchoo - Rare (20%)

This swarm lasts until I feel like its been long enough, but of I see ANY of you abusing this by encountering these Pokemon every half post, then it's over. Yes, it is a swarm, but it doesn't mean that all the other Pokemon on each Route suddenly vanished. You may encounter Vanillite a lot, but so will you do with Zigzagoon, y'know?

As a matter of fact, these Pokemon can appear at ANY Route, Town and City that can allow them too. And if you were expecting the next Chapter, then... Suckz 4 U.
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