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Okay, I was originally going to post an in progress review at Serebii, but since you’re slowly posting the story here too I’ll review here while you’re still doing that, haha.

Part I
Off to a neat start. Both Ophelia and Miles seemed like two interesting opponents to go face off one another. Haha like the part of Ophelia doing “Eeeny—meany—miny—mo” is indeed the best strategy.

Onto the first two battles, like that they’re fairly fast paced but not too rushed. Nice use of Earthquake under that sort of situation along with a Mismagius in the field. Too bad Pinsir collapsed under the poison, ouch.

Parts II and III
Wee, Tropius, always liked that Pokemon haha. Already had an idea Ophelia will have the Pokemon make all those poison spikes fly away. As for the Machamp and Mismagius battle, I admit I thought Machamp was a goner after Destiny Bond, but it’s indeed a nice twist there.

The Sky Battle between Tropius and Honchkrow is very enjoyable to read. Woot aerial battles! I particularly like some of the emotions Ophelia had during the aerial battle, like her laughing when her Pokemon flew pass the sky. Also, love that she used one of Tropius’ bananas as distraction. XD Over the result of the battle I want to say this— don’t try this at home with your flying Pokemon, kids.

So far liking the battles and the different ways you showed the Pokemon’s battling abilities. Looking forward to more!

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