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It has nearly been a month already since my last post. But not to worry, this game ain't dead yet!
I will not be giving up on this. In saying that, I would love to say that huge progress has been done but sadly it hasn't. Although some progress has been made.

Most of the events of the player's home island at the start of the game are almost done. (I still havent' posted it here yet! I will get to it, trust me)
The begining events of the Fire Island have begun and after I hopefully, (hopefully) get some feedback it will be done.
Two routes, (well 1 and a half routes) are completed on the Fire island as well.

If anyone have comments on what starters they would like to set in this game, please feel free to post your suggestion.

That's all I have for now. More updates and post will be up soon.

Oh and has anyone been thinging of who the mystery starters might be???? - Soon to be revealed
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