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Quote originally posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow:
Also we've had to crack down on pokemon who can speak due to it being far too common in RP compared to how rare it's /supposed/ to be. That being said, here is a list of pokemon that have a right to communicate with humans. (You'll notice all the non-legendary pokemon on the list are psychic types.) Not so much an issue with your SU, but something to keep in mind.
:O B-but what about my Zoroark then?! She's already understandable!

Well, since Valorie's parents have left, & Mark, Lucia & Eric have arrived at the Pokemon Center, I see no reason for Kilik to stick around. I'll be setting him off to the mountains soon, to meet with Mana. Anything I should know about, where she is & who else she'll meet?

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